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how am i still on lj?

but really

A Modern Myth
23 November
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A damn mess since 1990.

FANDOMS: Harry Potter. Twilight. Star Wars. Prison Break. Heroes. 24. Gossip Girl. House. Lost. Private Practice. The Office. Grey's Anatomy. Ugly Betty. Degrassi. South of Nowhere. The Best Years. Dawson's Creek. Roswell. Friends. Flashforward. Make It Or Break It.

SHIPS: Harry/Ginny. Ron/Hermione. Draco/Hermione. Luna/Neville. Sirius/Remus. Remus/Tonks. Bella/Edward. Alice/Jasper. Alice/Bella. Rosalie/Emmett. Emmett/Everyone. Anakin/Padme. Han/Leia. Michael/Sara* (main PB ship). Kellerman/Sara. Lincoln/Sara. Peter/Claire. Peter/Elle. Tony/Michelle. Chase/Kim. Chuck/Blair. Blair/Serena. Serena/Dan. Chase/Cameron. House/Wilson. Thirteen/House. Kate/Sawyer*. Jack/no one. Charlie/Claire. Cooper/Charlotte. Addison/Pete. Addison/The Shower Head. Jim/Pam. Izzie/Alex.* Izzie/Denny. Mark/Addison. Mark/Callie. Callie/Addison. Callie/Cristina. Paige/Alex. Darcy/Manny. Jimmy/Ashley. Sean/Ellie. Spencer/Ashley*. Spencer/Bangs. Aiden/Kyla. Sam/Trent. Noah/Katherine. Joey/Pacey. Dawson/Gretchen. Michael/Maria. Isabel/Jessie. Isabel/Alex. Max/Liz. Ross/Rachel. Chandler/Monica. Joey/Phoebe.

"...but in the heart of its strength lies weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.
love is more than a candle;
love can ignite the stars."

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24, 30 seconds to mars, a modern myth, addison montgomery, aimee, alex nunez, alexz johnson, allison cameron, anakin skywalker, anakin/padme, andrew sims, arctic monkeys, ashley davies, ashley kerwin, bella swan, bella/edward, ben schoen, blair/chuck, blair/serena, blood brothers, burke/cristina, burktina, cameron and chase, cameron/chase, carlos bernard, chris martin, chuck/blair, coldplay, cooper freedman, ctu, damien rice, dance, dancing, darcy edwards, darcy/manny, darth vader, deanna casaluce, deathly hallows, degrassi, draco malfoy, dramione, dumbledore, dwight schrute, edward and bella, edward cullen, edward/bella, eric scull, eyes, fanfiction, fringe, goldfrapp, gossip girl, gregory house, grey's anatomy, gymnastics, han and leia, han solo, harry and ginny, harry and the potters, harry potter, harry/ginny, heroes, house, hugh laurie, i support the strike, imogen heap, ingrid michaelson, instant star, iron & wine, isobel evans, izzie and alex, jack bauer, jam, james "sawyer" ford, james ford, jamie lawrence, jared leto, jem, jim and pam, jim halpert, jimmy brooks, john noe, john williams, jommy, kate and sawyer, kate austen, kate walsh, kawyer, kevin steck, kiefer southerland, kt tunstall, lauren collins, leaky mug, lost, manny santos, manny/darcy, maria deluca, mark sloan, matt wachter, matthew stover, mcsteamy, melissa anelli, merrick, michael and maria, michael giacchino, michael guerin, michael scofield, michelle dessler, mugglecast, obhwf, paige michalchuck, palex, pam beesley, paul adelstein, poetry, pottercast, prestina, prison break, private practice, r/hr, rainn wilson, reiko ayelsworth, requiem for a dream, revenge of the sith, ron and hermione, roswell, sara tancredi, sarah wayne callies, shannon and boone, shannon leto, shoone, skate, snow patrol, south of nowhere, spashley, spencer carlin, star wars, sue upton, the office, the remus lupins, the shins, tomo milicevic, tony almeida, twilight, ugly betty, vilandra, wentworth miller, wizard rock, writing